1.0 Design Guidelines - Surfcoast Highway, Mount Duneed

1.1 Purpose
The principal aim of these Design Guidelines (“Guidelines”) is to create a coherent vision for the community. Developed to enhance the lifestyle and investment of purchasers, the Guidelines are designed to ensure all homes are built to a high standard.

1.2 Operation
All proposed building works including houses, garages, outbuildings and fencing shall be approved by the Design Assessment Panel in relation to these Guidelines prior to seeking a Planning Permit (if required) and a Building Permit.

1.3 Submission
Prior to the commencement of your home you must submit to the DAP copies of the following drawings in PDF format for approval:
• Site plan identifying the location of your house on the allotment and relevant
setbacks from all boundaries, driveway & fencing location & details.
• Elevations of all sides of the house.
• Floor plans dimensioned, including window and door positions & roof plan.
• External materials and colours proposed.

1.4 Construction of your home
Construction of your home must commence within 18 months of settlement. Incomplete building works must not be left for more than 3 months without work being carried out and all building works must be completed within twelve months of their commencement.

2.0 Siting & Orientation

2.1 Building envelopes and setbacks
The Building Envelope will determine the boundary setback and siting requirements of your allotment. These should comply to the responsible authority.

3.0 Build Form

3.1 Architectural Style
Houses with identical facades must be separated by a minimum of 5 house lots in any direction of the original lot.

3.2 Materials and Colours
External walls must be constructed from at least 25% brick or rendered finish.

3.3 Corner Allotments
The home design must address both the primary and secondary street frontages and be of a consistent architectural design.

3.4 Roofs
Pitched roofs must have a minimum pitch of 22.5 degrees. All pitched roofs must include a minimum 300mm eaves to the front façade, with a minimum 1m return along the side elevations (excluding parapets and walls on boundaries).

3.5 Garages
Double garages must be provided on lots with a frontage of 12.5m or greater. Lots with a frontage of less than 12.5mmust provide an enclosed garage for at least one vehicle. On corner allotments, garages must be located away from the road intersection to ensure they do not dominate the streetscape.

4.0 External Considerations

4.1 Access and Driveways
Driveways must be constructed of brick and/or concrete pavers, coloured concrete, saw-cut coloured concrete, or exposed aggregate. Uncoloured concrete is not permitted.

4.2 Fences
Side boundary fencing must be constructed from capped timber palings with a plinth and exposed posts (125mm X75mm). Side fencing must be constructed to a height of 1.8m. Fencing to the side street of a corner lot must stop at least2m behind the front facade and behind the corner feature. Fencing must return from side boundaries at 90 degrees to abut the dwelling. Where applicable, this ‘wing fencing’ must be setback to allow access to meter boxes.

4.3 Letterboxes
Letterboxes should be designed to match the house using similar materials and colours and must be erected prior to Certificate of Occupancy. Single post mailboxes are not permitted.

4.4 General
Units Air-Conditioning Units externally located evaporative air-conditioner or condenser units must be positioned so that they are not predominately visible from the main frontage of the dwelling where possible. Rainwater Tanks must be not visible from the street frontage. No external Plumbing to a dwelling shall be visible from a street or dwelling. Commercial Vehicles with a carrying capacity of 2 tonnes or more or any boat, caravan or trailer shall not be permitted to be parked on a lot so that it is visible from any street. Advertising Signage is not permitted on residential lots with the following exceptions:
• Only one advertising sign will be permitted to be erected on a lot that is being advertised for resale of a House and land package only.
• No signage is allowed for the resale of vacant land.
Sheds should be restricted in size and must be in harmony with the other buildings. Sheds are to have a maximum wall height of 2.4m, maximum ridge height of 3 metres and a maximum floor area of 9 square metres.

4.5 Landscaping
Landscaping to your front yard must be completed within three (3) months of the occupation of the dwelling. At least 40% of your site area forward of the dwelling must be landscaped and not more than 60% of the front yard is to comprise hard paved surfaces. Nature Strips must be maintained and should damage occur must be rectified with turf of hydro seed. Gardens, turf and permeable surface areas must be established and maintained, lawn areas including nature strip regularly cut to maintain a neat level appearance.